About our Pirates

Many pirates have walked the streets of the French Quarter over the years and many have made their mark in history. From the privateers that fought wars, to the pirates that looted everything in sight. Some things to know about our pirates, they’re dirty, in more ways than one, crusty, salty and crazy. Rumor has it that some are expert pick pockets, others are wanted by the law and one has diseases that you don’t want to know about. And those are the good ones!

The Captain and his crew sail in the Krewe of Tucks Mardi Gras parade aboard the Pirate Ship. They’re loud, reckless, they stumble from time to time and can be surly but that’s because they are PIRATES! What else would you expect?

One thing is for sure, they know their stuff! They will surprise you with their knowledge of the French Quarter. Their tales of smuggling, fighting, drinking, getting thrown in jail, breaking out of jail and saving New Orleans will have you cheering for more! The Pirates of the Quarter Tour will surely be a highlight of your time in New Orleans.

The Captain

The Captain’s travels brought him to New Orleans in the late 1900’s. He loves the French Quarter more than anything else in the world, except maybe rum. The Captain can often time be seen in the evenings and late nights walking the streets looking for his next adventure. He’s fun, knowledgeable and he’s salty. He knows the Quarter like the back of his hand and wants to pass along his stories to you.

The QuarterMaster

Despite the usual stern expression on his face, the Quartermaster is very friendly and likeable. You can usually find him seated in the corner of a local French Quarter tavern, mulling over the days events and planning for tomorrows adventures. Don’t be afraid to join him! He’s always ready to share some rum or an ale and tell stories of his travels. He respects those that eat, drink, and fight beside him, and few others.

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