Best Dive Bars in the French Quarter

Best Dive Bars in the French Quarter? Cheap drinks in a cool yet somewhat questionable setting is what the Pirates of the Quarter like best. Once you’ve had your fill of hurricanes, hand grenades and 3-for-1 fun be sure to visit one or more of these places. Best Dive Bars in the French Quarter list is in no particular order.

Molly’s at the Market 1107 Decatur St.

This was the local media hangout back in the day hence all the old TV signs and memorabilia. Locals love this watering hole. The drinks are cheap and it’s got a cool spot to sit at a large open window and watch the street creatures on lower Decatur. They got a great Jukebox that was out of order one day. I watched the repair man open the front and all the CD’s came crashing out of the rack and onto the floor. He didn’t say a word. He went directly to the bar, ordered a shot of Jameson and went to work. Get the frozen Irish Coffee.

Chart Room. 300 Chartres St.

We’re Pirates and this is called The Chart Room so you better believe we like this place. It’s small, the drinks are strong, and it can get crowded. The solution to the crowded bar seems to be to just drag some chairs onto the street and sit out there. It works!

Erin Rose 811 Conti St.

A good friend once said, “All I’m looking for is a cold beer at a fair price.” Ain’t that the truth! Sit down at the long bar with some locals and chew the rag for a while. The prices are great and the beer is cold. Good jukebox and the bartenders like to serve up shots. If you get hungry just walk to the back and order some delicious food.

The Alibi 811 Iberville St.

Once you’ve hit a few bars take a wander in here. There’s a great beer selection and how can you go wrong with waffle fries covered in cheese? Yes the food here is good! Pirate tip: You’ll really want to be here around 3-4am. That’s when many of the strippers from Bourbon Street get off work and they like this bar! Just be cool, they’ve been working all night and are looking to unwind. We’re talking about you Frat boys from Texas.

Harry’s Corner 900 Chartres St.

This is where the locals meet. I mean the grizzled old dudes that look like they’ve never left the place. They got stories and they know stuff. Cheap ass drinks at a quiet corner of the Quarter. The jukebox is ok but you’re there for the wallet saving drink prices and odd conversation.

Boondock Saint. 731 St. Peter St.

This place has the dive feel without the dirt! Good prices and a great place for a Guinness in the Quarter. The movie The Boondock Saint is on constant loop on one of the TV’s and you WILL find yourself watching a few scenes while you’re there. Great jukebox and you’ll meet locals and some cool tourists. Heading to Preservation Hall across the street? Get a drink here before you go. One of the best dive bars in the French Quarter!

Johnny White’s 733 St. Peter St.

Yes, it’s right next door to The Boondock Saint. There are a couple of guys in this bar that seem to be part of the decoration. They are there weather its 7p or 3am. Somebody donate their livers to science! You into motorcycles? You’ll see a bunch of bikes out front, so you know you’re in the right place! Cheap drinks, swearing and fun!

Santos Bar 1135 Decatur St.

This is a Rock N Roll Bar. Bow down to Lemmy from Motorhead and get ready to rock! Cool ass bar downstairs where they will serve up some tasty beverages that won’t destroy your bank account. Live music happens in the evening where you’ll see and hear some of the coolest bands that have ever plugged in a guitar. Get upstairs and hang out on the balcony and catch the street scene on Lower Decatur. \m/


There are plenty of other great dive bars in the Quarter. These just happen to be the ones we hang out at most often. Got a place you like that needs to be on this Best Dive Bars in the French Quarter list? Let us know.