Clover Grill, Pirates of the Quarter, Best places to eat in the French Quarter, Bourbon St.

“Best places to eat in the French Quarter?” That’s the question we get all the time after our Pirates of the Quarter Tour. As Pirates, we don’t really go to any of those “fancy eatin’ stores”. Plus, we’d rather spend our money on rum! So, if you’re looking for cheap, good eats then check our list of favorite places.

Clover Grill 900 Bourbon St.

Sit at the old school diner counter. We sit there because it’s hard to sit at a table with a sword strapped to you. They claim they have the “world’s best hamburger.” The world is a pretty big place so there’s a lot of competition, but their burger is GOOD! The place is open 24/7 so that means you can get a late-night meal of burgers and fries or hit the place early and shove a giant waffle with a scoop of ice cream in your mouth. Get a Coke with the little crushed ice cubes and watch the cook work the grill. You’ll have a salty conversation with the waiter, you’ll be full and ready for more French Quarter adventures!

Verti Marte. 1201 Royal St.

This place is an old-time market and deli that’s open 24/7. There’s not much room in here and The Captain has knocked stuff off the shelves many times with his sword. Walk to the back and look at the massive menu on the wall! Everything there is good but go with the Roast Beef Po’boy. It’s huge and all the delicious gravy will be running down your arms. Grab a load of napkins. Once you got your treats head to the river and sit your ass down and watch the ships go by and enjoy your treats!

Killer Poboys at Erin Rose 811 Conti St

Honestly we have no idea how good this place is. Usually we down numerous pints of Guinness and then get something to eat. You see you have to walk through the Erin Rose bar to the back to get to the great selection of Poboys that will soak up all that booze. Erin Rose is what we like to call an “old man’s drinking bar”. Excellent Guinness and you absolutely have to get the frozen Irish coffee. Trust us on that! And you can always trust a Pirate, right?

Acme Oyster House 724 Iberville St.

Yes, there is usually a line to get in. It’s worth it! Pirate tip: don’t go at normal eating times like lunch or dinner and the line will be shorter. 2pm works for us. Sit at the counter and watch them shuck oysters. Order a dozen char grilled oysters and you will be happy! We like to order the Boo fries which is French fries with brown gravy. Damn they are good! Get the Acme Special Poboy and then have someone carry your fat ass out of the place.

Best places to eat in the French Quarter? There are numerous other places in the Quarter to enjoy but these are the ones we seem to end up at. Let us know where you think are the best places to eat in the French Quarter.


–The Captain & Quarter Master