Frequently Asked Questions regarding our Pirate Tours

Things you want to know

What is the cost?

The tour is $25 for adults, $15 for kids 6-11. 5 and under are free. Reservations Required

How long is the tour?

The tour is about 1 1/2 – 2 hours long.

Is there a lot of walking?

No. You’ll walk less than a mile with many stops along the way. There’s also a bathroom/drink break halfway through.

What happens if it rains?

You get wet and the Pirates get a free shower. The tours are done rain or shine. If It looks like rain bring a poncho or umbrella.

What methods of payment do you accept?

It is highly recommended you purchase tickets in advance through this website. The tour often sells out ahead of time. We accept any major credit card. Assuming there is space, we can accept cash and all credit cards day-of.

What if I’m late to the tour?

You paid for the tour, why would you be late? Pirates wait for no one, the tour will start on time.

Where does the tour meet?

Regular tours and Pub crawls start at: 607 Dumaine St. Please show up 15 minutes prior to start time. Look for the pirate.

Is the tour kid friendly?

The French Quarter itself is an adult playground. It offers all variations of foul language, drunkenness and occasional nudity. While the pirates love that kind of behavior we try to keep it clean-ish on the tour. Some of the stories involve death, murder, gambling, wenching etc. but overall its fairly clean. If your kid is watching PG-13 movies then they should be fine. If the pirates notice that there are no kids on the tour, things may get a bit saltier.

Can I drink on the tour?

If you’re of legal age its encouraged! The Pirates will be funnier and better looking if you drink. Please have your drinks ready to go before the tour starts. There will be a stop halfway through for you to get more booze. We suggest rum!

What will I learn?

The information given on the tour has been heavily researched. Much of the tour will be focused on pirate history in New Orleans, the pirate brothers Jean and Pierre Laffite and the importance of pirate involvement in the Battle of New Orleans. You’ll learn historical facts about New Orleans but the focus is on the early 1800’s in New Orleans.

Can I ask questions on the tour?

Yes. We want you to learn as much as possible about Pirates, New Orleans and the French Quarter.

Are private tours available?

Yes. This tour is great for corporate team building, birthday parties, bachelorette or bachelor parties etc. Minimum of 10 people. Please book at least a week in advance.

Can I take pictures?

Yes! New Orleans is very picturesque! There will be time after the tour to take a picture with the Pirate guide. Don’t ask the Pirate to take a picture for you and NEVER hand him a camera or phone. You’ve been warned. Please tag or link us to your pictures on social media! #Piratesofthequarter

Do I tip the Pirate guide?

While it is customary in New Orleans to tip tour guides, street musicians and performers, it is totally up to you. Keep in mind though the Pirates have just spent 2 hours with you and will certainly remember what you look like. Plus, they don’t have real jobs or anything else to do all night except drink rum and hang out. Don’t think of it as a tip, think of it as an insurance policy.

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