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Pirate Pub Crawl

Pirate Pub Crawl

Real Dirty Pirates. Real Dirty Stories. Real Dirty Fun!

The Pirates will lead you through some of the seedier bars of the French Quarter. They’ll tell you about the bars, the drinks and a lot of dirty pirate stories along the way. Who better to lead you on a bender than a Pirate? Get ready to laugh, learn and drink! We don’t just drink rum. We drink everything and anything! We’re not hitting dance clubs and there’s no dress code. We’ll swear, make fun of you and generally have a great time. Our Pirates know two things. The real history of New Orleans and drinking. Join us! Perfect for that Bachelorette or Bachelor party, Birthday party, Girls night out or even a divorce party. This Pirate Pub crawl is available on Saturday Nights at 7pm.

How much does it cost? What’s included?

Cost is $30. Cost Does NOT include drinks or gratuities. You buy your own drinks at each bar. We’re not taking you to fancy places so the drinks are reasonably priced.

Coupons or discounts are not valid for Pub crawls.

Where Does the Pub Crawl Start?

The Pirate Pub Crawl starts at: 533 Toulouse St. Meet 15 minutes prior to start time. The Pirates wait for no one.

How long is the pub crawl/tour?

It’s about a 2 1/2 hour tour/crawl but we don’t have watches so it will probably go a bit longer. The bars are close together so it’s less than a half mile walk.

What can I expect on the tour?

A good buzz. Great stories about each bar and the drinks they like to serve. You’ll hear a lot about Pirates and their heavy influence on New Orleans. We’ll talk about smuggling, the Battle of New Orleans and the Laffite brothers. We’ll separate the legends from fact. Yes, you’ll actually learn a lot. Ask us anything about the French Quarter, and we’ll tell you!

What bars do we go to?

You’ll find out on the pub crawl. Don’t worry, they are fun, dark, dirty and some of our favorite hangouts.

What should I wear?

Dress like a Pirate if you like. Wear comfortable clothes. There is no dress code in any of the bars we go into. We suggest comfortable shoes.

Is there food on the pub crawl?

No. Eat first. We highly suggest this. Eat first!

Are kids allowed?

Ha ha ha! NO. These are bars. You need to be 21. We have filthy mouths. No, absolutely not. Must be 21.

Can I book a Pirate Pub Crawl on a different day/night?

Yes. 10 person minimum. Email us at [email protected] with the date and time you’re interested in.

Can I just show up or do I need to reserve a space?

Advance booking is the only way. Sign up early to reserve your space.

For our safety and yours, we reserve the right to turn away any guests that appear drunk before the Pirate Crawl starts. We also reserve the right to have you thrown off the Pub Crawl if you’re drunk and being disruptive to the other people on the tour or in the bar. Look we’re going to have fun but nobody likes a jerk. Don’t worry we’ll be available after the tour to point you in the direction of your hotel or help you get an Uber or Taxi.

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